Welcome, Ahlan wa sahlan! I invite you to join me on the journey full of fashions, fancies, foodie, and travel adventures of a modern Muslim woman living in Los Angeles.

Being born to an American-Muslim mother and Arab father has allowed me to synthesize a unique American Muslim identity. Northern Virginia, where I was born and raised, is where I called home until I moved to California after getting married in 2012. Let's just say, it's hard to be homesick when living in a state that is almost always sunny and beautiful even on winter days; not to mention the unbelievable food scene! 

It is with my love for my faith, passion for fashion, eye for style, appreciation for food and all things beautiful, that I invite you to follow me as I explore topics about fashions, trends, religion, food, and much more!

What is PFH you ask? 

PFH stands for perfect for her, which is a reference to clothing that is suitable for Muslim women who wear the hijab OR for women who simply prefer to dress modestly. Clothing that I would tag as perfect for Her, would modestly cover the body in a way that is contemporary, fashionable, and appropriate for a full range of occasions. PFH draws upon all sorts of styles and fancies. This blog promotes persons, places, and things that are Hijabi friendly.