A Little Extra Accessory

  • Mar 23, 2015
A Little Extra Accessory

Accessories are literally the icing to the cake; they can transform any dull or plain looking outfit instantly. When it comes to bracelets specifically, it’s fun to put together an arm party. What’s an arm party you ask? It’s when you layer a bunch of bracelets all onto one wrist. You can do this is two ways:

1)   Have a bold statement accessory as your main attraction – this can be a watch (I don’t leave the house without one on) or bracelet.  Then pair it with a bunch of other smaller/slimmer bracelets that don’t compete or overpower the main bold piece. The idea is that the additional bracelets should compliment the bold one.


2)   Stack on a bunch of bracelets you have sitting around in your jewelry case – they can be on-trend bangles, bulky chains, and dainty bar bracelets. You could even mix gold with silver bracelets and you wouldn’t have to worry about them clashing. The idea is for it to look clunky, chunky, and overbearing. It creates a lot of movement to an outfit; I just love it! Be sure that the other wrist is completely bare though, you don't want to er on the verge of tackiness :)

Don’t be afraid to get overly creative with your accessories and flaunt your style! You’re the only one that has to love it ;) What are some of your favorite accessories?

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