Austere Attire: Hijab Company

  • Apr 08, 2015
Austere Attire: Hijab Company

I love supporting Muslim businesses and talents, so it’s only natural that I highlight the work of Austere Attire. AA is an LA based hijab company started in 2010 by BFFs Nilab Abdulrahman and Marya Ayloush. In almost five years the brand has grown exponentially. What was once a small line of hand sewn hijabs by the designers themselves, is now an internationally recognized brand that is trying to keep up with the demand; so much so that the scarves are now professionally crafted by contractors.

With thousands of followers on social media and an ever-growing customer base, Austere Attire has no intention of slowing down. Its vision is to ultimately offer hijab accessories, skirts, and classic abaya-esque dresses that compliment the look of their scarves.

Austere Attire is near and dear to PFH because it was one of the first brands to be featured at PFH’s first Trunk Show in DC as well as in Irvine. Clients and customers are always blown away by the quality, prints, and price point. On top of that, the founders are a joy to deal with – very flexible, respectful, and understanding.

I recently did a photoshoot with AA for one of their scarves called “Sugar Pop” from the Spring Collection, which is a baby pink print with faded pink polka dots. I love that shade of pink, and it’s very easy to style it with a variety of outfits from monochromatic looks to busy patterns - and it's only $15! Also featured is the “Melrose” scarf, which is a checkered print with floral touches to it (my personal fav!), which will be available at the end of the month. Be sure to check out the rest of their collection!

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