Bayhead Beach Swimwear

  • Aug 04, 2015
Bayhead Beach Swimwear

Hey all! My apologies for not having posted in a while, I went on a family vacation and just got back yesterday.  We went to New York City, Connecticut, and New Jersey – it was such a blast! I’ll do a foodie post exclusive to NYC soon, but for now check out these pics from Bayhead Beach, NJ. It’s a private beach in a very cute and quaint area with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean off the Jersey Shore.

One of the toughest things for women who wear hijab or prefer to dress modestly is looking cute on the beach. It can feel odd being so covered up amidst a pool of people that are so uncovered, but there’s always a way to make it work! What I found works best is throwing your favorite cover up over your swimsuit and staying in that the majority of the time on the beach.

Cover-ups are so fun, elegant, and lightweight. I’m always on the look out for them to spice up my beach wardrobe. I also feel more comfortable walking around in a loose and flowy cover-up as opposed to the spandex sticky swimsuit. Add your favorite hat to it for the perfect summer touch, and you’ll be sure to love the way you look! I personally love wide brimmed hats and if you find the right size it can cover all your hair so your don’t need to wear a scarf. 

| Cover up: Macys |

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