Blush and Blanc: Essential Spring Colors

  • Apr 09, 2017
Blush and Blanc: Essential Spring Colors

Happy first day of the week! I have the perfect color combo for you: Blush and Blanc (white) – the quintessential Spring hues. If you don’t already own items in these romantic shades, then you NEED to spruce up your Spring collection by getting your hands on a few pieces. Hopefully this post will give you some inspiration.

Over the weekend I attended a beautiful baby shower and decided to wear an all-white lace outfit. I wore an over-the-shoulder white lace jumpsuit and paired it with a white top that had lace detailing at the sleeves; it made the outfit look like it was originally long sleeves! I love when I can PFH a look by matching two separate pieces together giving the illusion of one. And lucky for you this jumpsuit is 40% off and under $60!

 Since I was wearing all white I wanted statement pieces like my shoes and purse to stand out. For my shoes, I wore velvet lace up sandals in emerald green that had the cutest bow detailing, and they were super comfortable too. For my purse, I chose my Givenchy Antigona in the powder blue hue that is to-die-for. To complete the look, I threw a blush duster over the ensemble and it all came together so nicely.

My sister-in-law was wearing similar hues in a gorgeous wide leg blush lace jumpsuit paired with a polished white cape; our outfits complimented each other so perfectly! Even our nail polishes matched! I had to capture it for you all.

Blush and blanc can do no harm year round in my book. Both colors are classics and mesh really well with so many other hues. For the Spring, blush especially compliments other pastel hues like baby blue, mint green, aqua, and yellow - think Cadbury Easter eggs colors!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend Let me know what you think about these looks!

Xoxo, Hassanah

Scarf: PFH + Veilure Couture | Jumpsuit: Sugarlips | Shoes: Zara | Nail Polish: INGLOT


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