Dolce & Gabbana Release Hijab and Abaya Line

  • Jan 07, 2016
Dolce & Gabbana Release Hijab and Abaya Line

The biggest news hitting the fashion world at the start of 2016 is Italian Fashion House Dolce & Gabbana’s release of their hijab and abaya collection! This is exciting because it’s the first of its kind for D&G. The collection is primarily made out of sheer georgettes and charmeuse fabrics that are of mainly black and nude shades of color. Not to mention the intricate lace detailing that is absolutely beautiful. Hints of the designer’s Sicilian origins are evident throughout the collection as well with incorporated unique floral patterns.

Despite some of the controversy sparked by the line as to whether or not the hijab should be viewed as a fashion statement, I want to highlight the bigger picture. Any time an esteemed mainstream fashion house (especially to the caliber of D&G) goes out of their way to cater to an underserved religious community like Muslims, their efforts should be applauded even if it’s done out of financial gain on their part. The statement they are making is bigger than that. During this highly sensitive time where many people/corporations/groups, etc are afraid to publicly associate themselves with Muslims in any regard, brands that are actively catering to them are inadvertently aligning themselves against the prejudices that have plagued the general public. For that main reason we should show our support for their efforts. Similar efforts have been taken by other fashion brands such as DKNY, MANGO, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger, and as myself and many others predicted this trend has created a ripple effect. Inshallah we will continue to see more and more mainstream brands catering to Muslim women’s sartorial needs, ultimately enhancing their confidence and comfort in their religious attire.

For more on the story click here. Enjoy these beautiful pictures of the collection!

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