• Jan 25, 2015

First off, please forgive the name of this place (dramatic, I know) but I get it, because it's THAT good. 

Secondly, "eggslut" is a casual food stand located inside the Grand Central Market in downtown LA, and I can say with full confidence that this place has one of the best egg sandwiches I've ever had. I was first introduced to it at a friend's place who made me a replica of the sandwich I'm about to tell you about. 

You have to order the "Fairfax" which is their specialty; it's soft scrambled eggs with chives, topped with cheddar cheese, topped with caramelized onions, sitting between the softest brioche bun with sriracha mayo spread (it's not spicy though if that's what you're wondering). The texture of the eggs with the bread is almost like taking a bite of a cloud, with scrambled eggs raining out of it. It's so fluffy and soft and delicious. Took a friend here to try it out, and we both had to restrain ourselves from ordering a second one. It's $7 and worth every penny!

SPOT: eggslut 


ORDER: The Fairfax 

ATTIRE: Casual

ADDRESS: 317 South Broadway Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 


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