[ Fur & Fringe ]

  • Jan 26, 2016
[ Fur & Fringe ]

I’ve had a real obsession with both fur and fringe this winter. I know when you think about combining both of them in one outfit it seems like it would be a bit much but not if you do it in the right way. I adore this knee length cream colored knit sweater with a detachable fur collar! I can easily remove the collar and wear it on any other jacket/coat, so that’s a win.  I paired it with straight leg jean and suede fringed pumps. The fringed pumps have been a huge hit this season and I really love it; adds a touch of edge and surprise to your foot game.

Here’s a trick on how to spice up a recycled outfit by adding a statement piece to it. I added a knee length sleeveless fringed vest OVER the cream sweater. It ended up looking like the sweater came that way. From the front it looks like you’re wearing a sweater and jeans, and from the back it looks like you’re wearing a luxurious multicolored fringe fur coat.

I also like to use this trick when I’m wearing something that may be a bit too revealing on the bum or chest/waist area.  A fringe vest can instantly give you coverage in all the right areas while taking the attention away from an area you’re trying to keep subdued. 

Fur Sweater: Bebe | Suede Fringe Pumps | Scarf: KINZA

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