H&M does it again with it's PFH dresses...

  • Apr 15, 2015
H&M does it again with it's PFH dresses...

Okay, by now you should know that I absolutely LOVE H&M. Their tag line is "offers fashion and quality at the best prices", and they stay very true to their mission statement in my opinion. A few years ago I wasn't as into H&M as I am now, and I think it's because in the recent years they have really upped their quality and selection. 

I'm in love with this pink patterned long sleeve PFH dress! My mother-in-law bought it for me so I love it even more. The pink mixed with the sky blue is such a warm combination that's perfect for Spring. Now, a lot of girls have been asking me about the length of the dress. This dress is meant to be floor length when wearing flats and ANKLE length when wearing heels (I know that's an awkward length for some). So if you plan on wearing heels with it, make sure you choose the right pair because it will show. I wore flats with it and loved it. I didn't have to deal with the dress dragging behind me or even stepping on it as I walked. I paired it with a light pink slightly patterned scarf. I also loved how I didn't need to wear a slip under it. Also, If you are big busted, I would suggest getting the dress in a size bigger because the fabric doesn't stretch. 

Both the dress and the scarf are available online. And the dress is only $49.99 - you can't beat that! Get it while it lasts ladies :)

Dress: H&M | Scarf: Kinza

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