• May 13, 2015

With wedding season in full bloom, I wanted to share with you tips on some of my favorite hijabi bridal headpieces. I know for a hijabi, coming up with a unique headpiece that doesn’t clash with the gown is always an issue. Other brides choose to wear a regular hijab with their wedding gown and look gorgeous in doing so. But if you’re looking to create a headpiece of your own and need a little inspiration then keep reading.

My headpiece came together one week before the wedding. Believe it or not, I initially intended on wearing black ostrich feathers with dark green hints to it all around the top of my head – sounds crazy but my god it was so chic and vogue! My gown had a black bow on it so it was the perfect touch, but I couldn’t go through with it because as nice as it looked in real life it just didn’t translate as nicely into pictures; so I knew I’d regret it because after all, you’re left with only photos once it’s all over.

I decided to design a simple headpiece made out of the same fabric my gown was. That way I would ensure that everything matched. I took the under-piece (amtah) that I usually wear with my everyday scarf and pinned it closed from the back so that my hair doesn’t show and asked the tailor to create a similar one out of a stretchy fancy fabric. Once it was done, I added ruched silk lace over it since both my bolero and gown had that design. Then I went shopping for the perfect crystal embellishment to adorn the headpiece. I ended up choosing a Nadri necklace that I knew would fall nicely on my head and drape my forehead. I sewed it onto the headpiece so it could stay in tact as I moved around at the reception. Then I cut a very thin line in the middle of the headpiece to attach the comb of my veil to it (that way it wouldn’t get yanked out if someone steps on the veil). And voila, the headpiece was officially done.

Here are my top three favorite bridal headpieces that I’ve seen.

1) Yasemin Kanar (YaztheSpaz): I loved how she had the jewel embellishments adorned on one side of the headpiece and the veil springing out of it. And the stiff v-neck collar was regal:

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