Lake Tahoe Winter Wonderland

  • Jan 21, 2016
Lake Tahoe Winter Wonderland

I spent the weekend on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe and am still in awe of how beautiful of a location it is. A bunch of friends and I rented a cabin in an area called Kings Beach overlooking the lake on the northern part of Lake Tahoe, right at the cusp of Nevada and California. It was the perfect variety of terrain from mountains, to snow, to sand, and water.  

Being from the East Coast, I desperately have been missing the snow. Thankfully, Lake Tahoe’s snow was such a dream - light in weight, blanc in color, and fluffy in texture. The mountains were breathtakingly beautiful, and the lake was overwhelmingly majestic.

We skied at Diamond Peak Ski Resort, which was a lot of fun. I haven’t skied since my last family trip to Aspen a few years back, so it was really nice being back on the slopes.

I wanted to share my Winter wonderland outfit. It can be hard to look cute amid all the layering and extremely cold weather, but I found a great way to replace the scarf without compromising modesty. I wore a hat that was tight fitting around the head so I didn’t have to worry about it flying off. Here’s the twist, I paired it with a fur headwrap but instead of wearing it as a headwrap I wore it as a neckpiece to give me full coverage. It worked out perfectly and kept me hella warm all throughout the day. I threw a fur camel wrap over my sweater to complete the look. Hope you enjoy the pic < 


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