Last Stop in Morocco : Casablanca

  • Nov 15, 2015
Last Stop in Morocco : Casablanca

Our last stop in Morocco was in the beautiful and biggest city of Casablanca. Located on the northwestern part of the country right off of the Atlantic Ocean. Casa is where you find the headquarters of companies and corporations, so it’s a much more modern city. I looooved it! Like I said, I loved every city because each stop was so unique.

The biggest tourist attraction in Casablanca is Masjid Hassan Athani – Hassan II Mosque, which is the largest mosque in Morocco and the 7th largest mosque in the world. Its minaret is 60 stories high and is considered the highest in the world. It’s located right by the ocean and it’s interior and exterior is such a spectacle.

We ended the trip by attending our close family friend’s wedding in Casa. It was likely the most beautiful and memorable wedding we’ve ever attended. The bride and groom had over six wardrobe changes, and each ensemble was more breathtaking than the next. There were also multiple folkloric performances of the different dances unique to Northern Africa. The wedding started at 8pm and ended at 6:30am; that’s a typical wedding in Morocco, and true of most Middle Eastern weddings. We ate different sorts of delicious food the entire night, literally – from Moroccan tea with delights, to shrimp and lamb. The most memorable part of it was the bride’s entrance though. She came in on a crystal carriage that was lifted on the shoulders of men. It was magical!

The guest were also wearing the most gorgeous PFH gowns I have ever seen, but I’m going to make a different post all about that :)

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