Louis Vuitton Series 2 : Past, Present, and Future Exhibit in LA

  • Feb 19, 2015
Louis Vuitton Series 2 : Past, Present, and Future Exhibit in LA

I was really excited for the debut of Louis Vuitton’s fashion exhibit that opened on February 6th. I had no idea what to expect but knew it would be a unique experience, and surely enough it was. It took place at a spot in Hollywood that used to be a camera shop, which was so hard to believe (you’ll see why from the pictures).

The exhibit featured a series of rooms with displays that shed light on key influences that inspired the Spring 2015 runway show; which premiered during Paris Fashion Week last October. Nicolas Ghesquiere is the women’s collection artistic director for LV, and is responsible for the traces from the “past” (when Louis Viutton first debuted) that are evident throughout the spring collection. The line had a lot of 70’s inspired elements, from short hemlines to paisley patterns. And the heels were shaped in symbols from the LV monograms, which was a first for Louis Vuitton.

One of my favorite rooms was the one that had three videos playing real-time footage of how the collection was actually made. I love knowing how things come together so it was fun to watch. I always wonder how much work is involved in crafting each bag, article of clothing, or shoe, so I was astonished to learn that the trunk-shaped clutches involved over 100 steps. I also loved the new LV logo that’s slanted and sits inside a circle – very chic.

The white room was a sight to see; it featured encased vintage heritage pieces from previous Louis Vuitton collections from the 1900s as well as shoes and purses from the latest collection. The multimedia room featured a 360 degree mirrored runway video of the Spring Collection. It was LV’s way of allowing us to experience the runway from all angles. I can see it now, this multimedia experience is going to transform the way we watch fashion runway shows in the future. The last room was definitely one of the coolest; it was a time-lapse of what happens backstage from start to finish. From models having to change outfits within three seconds to makeup artists making final touches, you get access to the backstage mayhem. You could even hear actual voice recordings from the runway show of the coordinator in charge of ensuring every model gets on stage at the right second.

It was a very memorable experience that you have to see if you live in the greater Los Angeles area. I’m all about enjoying the perks of living in the City of Angeles!

Be sure to check it out before the exhibit closes on February 22nd. Here’s the address: 1135 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles. They are open from 10am to 6pm every day. Btw, in terms of parking, if you ask the guy in charge he will tell you to go to the parking garage they are contracted with ($12 parking fee) a few miles down and the LV bus will pick you up and take you back to the exhibit. Do NOT do that, it’s such a waste of money. My friends and I found free parking on the street near by. Valet parking is also available. Happy fashion ladies <3

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