Meejana Dabkeh Troupe

  • Jun 02, 2011
Meejana Dabkeh Troupe
One of my ultimate favorite fancies is DABKEH! It's the most popular folk dance in Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq; but the interminable love and appreciation for Dabkeh has managed to transcend all borders and boundaries by finding its way to our hearts and homes here in America. So much so that it has become a staple at most occasions. It's never a complete event until my friends and I break out into some spontaneous line Dabkeh as we all secretly compete for the title of the best dancer. The  thrill attached to this dance is almost inextricable as Dabkeh denotes joy and delight with its every move.

We used to perform together with the Arab Student Association at George Mason University before we graduated. Then we realized we wanted to continue the great tradition of Dabkeh so we started the Meejana Dabkeh Troupe. We've performed at various universities such as George Mason University, George Washington, University of Virginia, Georgetown, University of Maryland, and Mary Washington. We have appeared at many cultural events in the community including out of state Arab American heritage festival in Maryland, Arab American Community Center Festival in Orlando, the World Bank, local fundraisers, weddings, and were aired on the Arabic television station MBC for a short news clip of Arabs in America. Email us at if you'd like Meejana to spice up your event! 

Meejana Performers include:

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