Monochromatic : Black & White

  • Dec 14, 2015
Monochromatic : Black & White

Winter is the best time to play with monochromatic looks, and what better than the classic black and white? There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular color combinations; it’s classic, edgy, and very flattering.

Another favorite winter piece is the quintessential furry vest. It can be hard finding the perfect one though because fur pieces can look tacky and overdone a lot of the times. I got my hands on what is now my favorite fur vest (it actually a cardigan #win), which is a mixture of a wool blend. I love how it’s a two-tone mixture of white and black, and it has sleeves! The fur/wool is the perfect texture and doesn’t look messy.

I paired it with charcoal jeans that complimented the vest perfectly. To finish the look I wore two-toned black and white heels. I LOVE these because they’re pleasantly misleading; from the front they look like a pair of sharp white heels, and from the back they look like a pair of fierce black heels. Hope you enjoy the pics! For more monochromatic looks check out my post from Morocco Fashions in Fez


Wool Cardigan: Design History  | Jeans: Joe's Jeans | Scarf: KIZNA | 

Heels: Charlie Amar Maldive | Purse: Vintage Prada

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