Next stop: Meknes & Rabat

  • Nov 11, 2015
Next stop: Meknes & Rabat

Next stop was Meknes, which is located in the Northern part of Morocco. It is a beautiful bustling city, and was once the capitol of Morocco. I couldn’t get over the beautiful Moroccan furniture and intricate designs in the homes, especially the mosaic tiles that were reminiscent of Andalusia Spain. My favorite was the colorful Arabian furniture pieces and backdrops. It was eye candy from left to right.

We then stopped in Rabat for just a little. It is the capitol of Morocco, so we passed many embassies along the way. We also had the good fortune to pay a visit to Sheikh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi in his home. He is originally from Damascus, Syria but lives in Morocco under political asylum.

I got a very clean and modern vibe from Rabat, though I didn’t see enough of it to be able to fully give my thoughts on it. Again, the homes and the neighborhoods were so beautiful, unlike anything I’ve seen in terms of unique detailing and decoration. 

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