• Jun 21, 2015

Ok, so it's no surprise that I absolutely love Kinza Scarves right? Most of the hijabs I wear in my posts are usually Kinza; I love this brand for a lot of reasons. I'm super excited to share with you an exclusive Kinza scarves line just for PFH followers! 

But first, I want you to know why I love this brand so much. The beauty of Kinza scarves is in its size, fabric, and prints. For me personally, when I wear the hijab I don't like to have a lot of fabric hanging loose on my neck, chest, or back so I usually get my scarves cut down to about 20 inches wide. People always ask me how I tie my scarf or how it stays in place, and it's because of the size. Extra fabric calls for too much movement going on around the neck area, and for me it's just too distracting, messy looking, and sometimes suffocating. Kinza scarves are the exact size that I love, which is 21" wide by 72" long. So I don't need to alter them. 

Also, the fabric is usually a very lightweight silk chiffon that let's air flow all throughout the day so you don't have to worry about being overheated. Since they can be sheer at times you would have to wear an under-piece with it. Kinza recently released new scarves in slightly heavier opaque fabrics, which I absolutely love! They are so luxurious looking and can be perfect for weddings. The reason why I love Kinza prints is because they're so elegant and are usually different than a lot of other prints out there. 

And now for the best part! In honor of Ramadan, PFH has partnered up with KINZA to bring you an EXCLUSIVE line of new scarves just for you! You'll get first dibs on them ;) These scarves are not available on their main site and can only be accessed through this link:  You can share it with your friends and family. And to make the deal even sweeter, enter PFH in the promo code when you check out for 10% off of them! Kinza scarves almost never go on sale so take advantage of this special offer which ends on Friday! 

Happy Ramadan ladies :)


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