PFH Gets Ranked Top 60 Global Modest Fashion Influencer!

  • Dec 11, 2016
PFH Gets Ranked Top 60 Global Modest Fashion Influencer!

When you wake up to tags of a Mvslim article naming you one of the Top 60 Global Modest Fashion Influencers alongside some of your favorite bloggers and personalities, I can't help but to feel incredibly blessed. I started PFH in 2009 to solve a problem for Muslim women by helping them reconcile their faith through fashion. I had no idea what it would turn into, and this is only the beginning for me.

My message to you is to find something you are deeply passionate about with a higher purpose. Put your heart and soul into it. Put God first, always. Trust me you will get recognized for your work at the right time and moment despite those who don’t want to see you succeed, those who live on your page but refuse to double tap your content. Don’t get caught up with the amount of likes and comments, be more concerned with the content you produce because if there’s anything that I’ve learned it’s that while there is definitely power in numbers, at the end of the day its quality not quantity that prevails. A sincere thank you to all those who have supported me along the way!

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