PFH Hijab Movement Get Involved!

  • Dec 05, 2016
PFH Hijab Movement Get Involved!
My name is Hassanah El-Yacoubi and I’m starting a Hijab Movement that celebrates the visibility of Muslim women in a time where many of us are struggling with reconciling our religious identity. I truly believe that this is not a time where such discrimination or intimidation can be tolerated, accepted, or internalized by reducing the visibility of Muslim presence through removing the hijab or refraining from any public activity that demonstrates our Muslim-ness. If you shift your perspective, you will see that this is actually a time of great opportunity for us to be more present now than ever. Your presence reminds the public that Muslims aren’t going anywhere and have contributed to the greatness of this country and will continue to. Your visibility disrupts the social and political hegemony of which we live in. We are not the first religious minority to come under attack nor will we be the last. Believe me when I say, this too shall pass. It is through perseverance, presence, and piety that we can and will subvert the forces that seek to demonize us. I invite you to join me in this celebration. 
Every week we will be featuring one of your responses to the following questions: 
What does the hijab mean to you? 
What inspires you to wear the hijab?
What advice do you have for those who are struggling with it?
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