• Apr 12, 2016

I told you guys that I had a big surprise for you all that I’ve been working on tirelessly, and guess what?! The day is here!

I am SO happy to announce that PFH is now on YOUTUBE! I’ve received so many requests from you all over the years asking for certain tutorials and now I will be making that happen! I will officially be VLOG-ing (video blogging). Don't worry I'll still be making regular blog posts as well.

You can expect videos of tips, tricks, travels, fashions, and everything in between. The beauty of VLOGing is that I will now have a channel through which we can get to know each other more, and I will be able to share things with you on a different level.

Be sure to subscribe! And feel free to ask any questions or leave suggestions for videos you’d like to see from me. I will definitely do my absolute best to get back to you all and fulfill requests!

***We are doing a GIVEAWAY! The first 100 people to subscribe to our PFH Youtube channel and to like our Instagram trailer + tag 3 people in the comments section will automatically enter into a chance to win a FREE PFH DRESS + a FREE SCARF! Winner will be announced April 18th!

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