PFH Tour Summer 17 - First Stop: Cincinnati, OH›

  • Oct 15, 2017
PFH Tour Summer 17 - First Stop: Cincinnati, OH›

I hope you all are ready because I have some amazing footage to share with you from the PFH Tour. I’ll be releasing videos throughout the next few weeks on my YouTube Channel so be sure to subscribe!

The PFH Tour kicked off in Cincinnati, Ohio at the 1st Annual Youth Conference at the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati on August 25ht, 2017. It was organized by Ahmad Saqr, a Cincinnati community member dedicated to guiding and engaging the Muslim youth. It was a three day conference full of activities, lectures, panels, and performances. ICGC has been following PFH and wanted me to recreate the PFH fashion show experience for their community. I participated on a panel of speakers including Comedian Preacher Moss, Rula Allouch from CAIR, amongst others. I spoke about the importance of time management form a young age and how to own our Muslim identity in today’s society.

I also helped organize the bazar that local Muslim companies participated in, as well as the fashion show, which was the first of its kind for the Cincinnati Muslim community. I kept hearing rumblings about how excited the girls were to be a part of a modest fashion show because they never thought something like that could exist and be celebrated. We styled all the models in PFH dresses paired with a scarf from Framed People. It was so fulfilling to see these young Muslim girls feel confident in who they are, and their confidence was palpable on the runway. Be sure to watch my video to see all the footage!

The main performance of the convention was by Deen Squad, which everyone was excited about. They performed all of their popular songs, including my personal favorite Covered Girl which went viral a few months ago. I love that song because not only does it celebrate the beauty of being a woman who is covered up but it also shows the many ways in which women perform their modest identity. The impact Deen Squad has on the youth is pretty impressive.

I can’t end this blog post without talking about how pleasantly pleased I was with the Cincinnati community. It was my first time to ever visit Ohio, and I have to say that I will definitely be back inshallah. The sense of community and support I witnessed from the Muslims there was amazing. The kindness and generosity of the people was very humbling to experience. Not only were the youth so much more responsible and respectable than I could ever have imagined them to be, but their sense of community was very much felt even at their young age. I was really proud of them and thoroughly enjoyed working with them.

Thank you Cincinnati for showing me such a wonderful time, I truly look forward to visiting again!

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