PFH Trunk Show in DC!

  • Aug 28, 2014
PFH Trunk Show in DC!

PFH hosted its very first Trunk Show in McLean, Virginia on Sunday August 10th, 2014. This was really exciting for me because I had been itching to do it for a while and decided I’d host the first one during my summer visit back home to Northern Virginia. Since this was my first show, I wanted to prove to myself two things: 1- if the structure I had in mind for the show would actually work and 2- if people were interested enough to show up. I featured long sleeve maxi dresses, long sleeve jumpsuits, scarves, and sleeves. California based brands such as Kinza Scarves and Austere Attire were for sale as well as other boutique brands.

It was hosted at a private residence on a Sunday morning.  Doors opened at 11:00am and people were at the door by 10:45am. Over 70 people showed up, and we nearly sold out of everything! One thing I was curious to figure out was whether or not the jumpsuits would be a hit because Middle Eastern women embody such a diverse group of body shapes and types, so finding the right fit can often be an issue. To my surprise the jumpsuits were the first items to sell out! It was probably because finding long sleeve jumpsuits aren’t as easily accessible as other items. I was thrilled to get a lot of face time with clients and customers and be able to hear from them firsthand what did and didn’t workout for them from fit, to color, to style.

Ultimately, I really had no idea what to expect, but what the outcome confirmed to me was that the structure of the show worked and that despite all the existing modest options on the market, there is still continued demand for contemporary modest clothing within Muslim communities around the US.

Biggest thanks to all PFH supporters who showed up and contributed to the trunk show’s overall success. You guys make all the hard work worth it! Special thanks to Ayesha Cheema Photography for beautifully capturing the event and to one of my best friends, Amna Ali, for graciously opening up her beautiful abode for PFH!

Too see the entire album from the show visit out Facebook page

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