• Jun 15, 2015

It' the most...wonderful tiiiime....of the yeeeear :) That's right, Ramadan is literally just a few days away! Wishing you all a very Happy Ramadan and praying that this month will be full of spiritual reflection, sincerity, peace, forgiveness, enlightenment, mercy, and closeness to Allah SWT.

I think it’s so important to get our families and children excited for the Month of Ramadan and Eid. Making it fun and festive for kids is a great way to instill in them the value this beloved month holds at a young age. It’s also a great way for Muslim kids to understand that they too have a special religious occasion/holiday to celebrate just as the Christians and Jews do.

 So my friends and I got together for a Ramadan & Eid Decoration and Welcome party. We worked on a bunch of arts and crafts to get the kids involved in adorning our homes with Ramadan vibes. Each adult was responsible for the craft they wanted to work on. I wanted to do a moon mobile with the different shapes of the moon throughout the month so I brought with me a white poster board, sparkling stickers, a plastic hanger, and ribbon. Some worked on a Ramadan themed coloring book, and others made lanterns out of construction paper as well as small crescent + star confetti; best of all was the photo-shoot idea the host had. She set up her living room with the cutest Ramadan scene that had different shaped lanterns, a cake, crescent, and a sign that read Happy Ramadan 2015. I especially loved this idea because everyone got to take individual family photos and then a group photo to remember this Ramadan and our time together. I know we’re all going to look back on it and cherish these memories.

After we were all done, we put candles in the cake and had the kids blow them out. An event is never complete until you blow the candles out right? If you don't have kids then you should still host a welcome party and discuss your goals for the month with your friends. It's more motivating that way. It’s not too late for you to host a Ramadan Welcome Party; get a few of your close friends and their kids together and work on crafts you enjoy. If you’re doing it during Ramadan then you can host an iftar and have everyone come early to work on decorations. The options are endless. Click here for more Ramadan Ideas. It was really such a sweet and memorable time alhamdulelah :) 

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