• Apr 27, 2015

Happy beginning of the week everyone! As you know, I was in San Francisco this past weekend for a friend's wedding. We had such a lovely time. The wedding took place at a vineyard in Hopland, CA which is about two hours north of San Fran. It was such a beautiful outdoor wedding.  

I wanted to share with you some photos of the ensemble I wore. I chose blue and gold as my theme. I wore a simple deep royal blue gown and dressed it up with gold accessories. This is a prime example of how to transform a simple gown into a fancier one just by upping the accessories. 

I added an over the shoulder body chain over the dress that completely transformed it. Now, I know with body jewelry it often doesn't stay in place, which is a huge annoyance. The easiest way to fix that is by pinning it to your dress at different spots such that when you move it still stays in place. It will be hard to pin on your own, so definitely try to have someone help you do it. I then paired the body jewelry with gold cuffs on each wrist, which complemented the body chains perfectly. I was going for a regal look, and the accessories I chose worked perfectly with it. To top the look I added a sequin small clutch. I wore a solid blue scarf to match the color of my dress because I didn't want to interrupt the pop of the body chain. Had I wore a patterned one, the jewelry wouldn't have stood out as much as it did. 

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