Tips on How to Get More Use Out of Your Jumpsuits!

  • Mar 17, 2015
Tips on How to Get More Use Out of Your Jumpsuits!

You already know I'm obsessed with jumpsuits - and not just PFH (long sleeve) ones but also one shoulder, halter, sleeveless, etc. One thing I can't stand is a beautiful article of clothing only being warn once or twice a year; and since jumpsuits tend to be on the dressier side most of the time you feel like you have to be going somewhere fancy to wear them. Well, that's just not right. 

I like to get the most out of my clothes so I dress them up or down according to the occasion I am wearing them to. When it comes to jumpsuits, you'd be surprised how versatile they can be. For sleeveless or one shoulder jumpsuits, I like to throw a sweater, jacket, or blouse over it to give the appearance of a top with a pair of pants. It completely transforms your look from a one piece suit to a top and bottom outfit. Best of all, no one would ever know you're actually wearing a jumpsuit. 

Featured is a floral Alice & Olivia one shoulder jumpsuit, paired with an H&M sweater with pearl embellished pockets, topped with a Kinza Scarf.

In the second outfit I am wearing a Roberto Cavalli sleeveless wide-leg black jumpsuit, paired with a Rebecca Taylor tweed & chain jacket, styled with a Saachi gunmetal crystal collar necklace. 

It's your turn to take a look into your closet and pull out those pieces you wished you could wear more and experiment with how you can pair it with different pieces to spice up the look!

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