Tuesday Shoesday Fashion Trends

  • Apr 17, 2017
Tuesday Shoesday Fashion Trends

It's Tuesday Shoesday so you know what that means! I MUST share with you this stunning piece of craftsmanship also known as: Velvet Lace Up High Heel Sandals. Firstly, the velvet fabric has been a huge trend this Spring and let's just say I'm not mad about it! It adds such dimension and richness to your shoe-game, I love it. Secondly the color - emerald green; just give me a moment while I soak up the beauty of this color. It's such a regal hue that can do no harm in my book. It's also very aesthetically pleasing. Thirdly, the knots - which add the perfect touch of femininity with a hint of edge. The heels were crafted to perfection. Best of all, they're $49! You can't beat that. Let me know what you think!


xoxo, Hassanah

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