Tufaha Laptop Stickers: What's on Your Laptop?

  • Feb 21, 2012
Tufaha Laptop Stickers: What's on Your Laptop?

Thanks for visiting back to hear about my latest fancy – you’re in for a treat! Laptop stickers are in this year, and I have to say there are some pretty cool ones out there, but my absolute favorite is the advent of the “Tufaha” sticker! My sister Hussna, (aka Lelaaaah), created and designed a laptop sticker that says “Tufaha”, which means “Apple” in the Arabic language. What’s neat about this sticker is the play on Arabic letters, it linguistic appeal, and creativity. Not only do I have a white Tufaha sticker on my laptop but on my iPhone as well!

What’s funny is that a few weeks ago I was at the library studying on my laptop and a stranger came up to me and pointed at my laptop and said, “Hey! I know what that means – it means Apple in Arabic!” I commended her on her bilingual abilities and suggested she purchase a Tufaha sticker from etsy.com. I’ve been telling my friends about it, and they’ve joined in on the fun. It’s just one of those unique things to have that you’ve yet to see elsewhere.  My buddies and I all have "Tufaha" phones as we call it – check out the pictures!

So join in on the fun, purchase your Tufaha sticker for your laptop, iPad, iPhone, refrigerator, binder, or even car. Here’s the link:


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