Two pieces, One look

  • Jul 14, 2016
Two pieces, One look

Hi lovelies! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer. I’m in the East Coast for the next few weeks visiting my family in Northern Virginia. I missed the greenery of this beautiful state! I did not miss how hot and humid it gets in the summer though. It was 100 degrees today! Luckily I came prepaid J

When the weather is hot and sticky I usually like to wear very flowy and airy clothing. I really don’t like wearing skinny jeans in the summer but sometimes I have to if I’m wearing a short dress. For this look I did something I really love to do, which is pairing two different pieces that have similar patterns to give the illusion of one. I paired these high-wasted striped pants with a top that has a very similar pattern, and knotted it at the waste. It appeared as though I was wearing a jumpsuit. You would be surprised to see how many similar printed or solid colored pieces you can match from your closet. Don’t be afraid to mix and match even when you’re sure the pieces or patterns don’t go together. A lot of times it doesn’t look right when you picture it in your head, but when you try it on you’re pleasantly surprised.

I topped the look with a white scarf with eyelash lace trim from the PFH + Veilure Couture Hijab coloration line. You cannot go wrong with that scarf, it goes with anything and ads instant elegance to your outfit!

Scarf: PFH + Veilure Couture | Top: Zara | Pant: Zara 

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