VIP Blogger Dinner at The Ritz Carlton

  • Oct 08, 2017
VIP Blogger Dinner at The Ritz Carlton

I’ve been waiting to share with you a very special dinner I hosted in honor of the 4th Annual PFH Modest Fashion Conventionthis past August. This year we were fortunate to have many special guests, bloggers, and influencers who flew out to attend and participate in the PFH Convention on August 13th, 2017. We had influencers who’ve made a name for themselves throughout a variety of spaces ranging from fashion to beauty to cuisine to political and humanitarian activism to art and more. I wanted to make sure we had the chance to get to know each other and bond over an intimate dinner, prior to the convention. PFH hosted a VIP blogger/influencer dinner the night before the Convention that was sponsored by The Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel and Sprinkles Cupcakes. It was an opportunity for women to network with other likeminded women throughout different spaces and provide us the chance to create a community of support amongst us all.

The food was absolutely spectacular from the mouthwatering Brazilian cheese rolls with avocado chile butter to the perfectly flavorful lobster tacos; but the best part had to be their signature Miso Alaskan black cod – I’m drooling as we speak! Oh, I forgot to mention the coconut mint mojito (virgin of course) that we couldn’t stop sipping on all night.

If the amazing food wasn’t enough, our ocean view made the night all the more special. The Ritz Carlton Staff was very attentive and professional as well making our experience very pleasurable. Each guest received a gift from the hotel in addition to a Sprinkles cupcake. It was an evening full of great conversations, amazing food, breathtaking view, and good vibes all around. It was truly such a memorable experience from A to Z!

Be sure to check out the trailer on my YouTube channel for a glimpse into the evening. Our VIP Guests included:

·      Isra Chaker of Isra Speaks

·      Faten Odeh

·      Marwa Balkar

·      Zaina Moussa

·      Marwa Atik of VELA

·      Yasmin Elhady of YasGuru

·      Nadia Hubbi of Sweet Pillar

·      Sarah Gsaibat

·      Maece Seirafi of We Are MSD

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