Winter Jackets

  • Jan 21, 2015
Winter Jackets

I love you Cali, but one of the main things I miss from living in the East cost is having the opportunity to rock all the fall and winter fashions for an extended period of time. In all fairness though, this winter has been one of the colder ones for California standards so I've been enjoying it by wearing jackets, boots, booties, scarves, and the works any chance I get (first world problems, I know). 

What I love about jackets is that they really are an investment because they don't go out of style every year like a lot of other pieces do, and they can last you for years - assuming you take care of them. Some of my favorite jackets are at least five years old, and I have no intention of getting rid of them any time soon.

Last year I realized I didn't have a camel colored jacket in my collection, so I've been on the look out for one. Just a few months ago I came across this Cinzia Rocca jacket with a stand up collar, and it had my name written alllll over it. I loved the light camel color for starters, and the collar is so chic and avant garde - I absolutely loved it! The fabric is so rich; it's a combination of wool and cashmere and keeps me really warm. I like to add a printed scarf around the neck to hang as an accessory. This jacket is a win on every level, from workmanship to fit to color - thanks Cinzia Rocca!

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