WORLD HIJAB DAY : A Day in the Life of a Hijabi

  • Feb 04, 2013
WORLD HIJAB DAY : A Day in the Life of a Hijabi

Friday February 1, 2013 marked the world’s first annual Hijab Day. This movement was initiated by a Muslim woman residing in New York named Nazma Khan. Her hope was to create a means of religious tolerance and understanding by inviting non-Muslim women to experience firsthand what it is like being a hijabi by wearing the hijab for a day. What’s incredible is that it started locally and became an international movement around the world through social media. 

Growing up in the Bronx was hard for Nazma as she faced discrimination because of her hijab. That was the driving force behind her goal of creating religious understanding. She figured the only way to end discrimination is by asking non hijabi sisters to experience the hijab for themselves. 

On World Hijab Day, hijabi women are supposed to encourage a female friend of theirs to wear the hijab for a day and provide them with the hijab. It’s meant to be inspirational, enlightening, and fun. The campaign sees to create a chain reaction in hopes of people gaining a truthful and beautiful understanding of the real essence of Hijab and Islam. Many women reported getting treated more respectfully upon wearing it. Putting your feet in someone else's shoes is always a great way of cultivating a better understanding of what it means to believe or act a certain way.

Today we champion Nazma Khan for her efforts in bringing us one step closer to a more understanding and tolerant world!

For more information check out the movement's official website:

World Hijab Day 

BBC: Hijab for a Day: Non-Muslim women who try the headscarf for a day.

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