NO BAKE Dessert with Nutella, Sweet Cream, Cookies, and Heath Bar Bites

  • Oct 17, 2017
NO BAKE Dessert with Nutella, Sweet Cream, Cookies, and Heath Bar Bites

HI loves!

I know that I’ve been teasing a lot of you with all of the cooking and baking I’ve been sharing on my insta-story. I got a lot of requests from many of you to put the recipe on my blog so that's what I'm doing! Please forgive the lack of detailed shots btw but if you'd like to see more footage be sure to check out my Instagram page!

What's great about this recipe is that it’s a new take on the traditional "biskoot bi-chocolata" Arab dessert. It is a NO BAKE (#win!) dessert that is comprised of tea cookies sandwiched between layers of whipping cream and ishta (clotted cream). I felt that the traditional way of making it was missing something that I couldn't quite put my finger on. I knew it was lacking sweetness, so my mother in law and I did some experimenting and we came up with the idea of coating each cookie with Nutella, which ended up adding the perfect touch! I like having a crunch in every dessert so I add heath bar bits on the top to give it a really nice crumble with each bite.

This dessert is very easy, doesn't require any oven time so it's a great option for when you need to make something that's somewhat hassle-free. It also doesn't require a ton of ingredients either. 



8 oz of cool whip (chilled)

2 small cans of ishta (chilled)

2 tbs of Cocoa Powder (unsweetened)

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 cup of heath bar bites

At least 3 packages of Ulker tea biscuits (see picture)

1 jar of nutella



1. Fold the ishta with the cool whip. Fold until they are mixed properly but don’t over fold because you don’t want them to lose their consistency (which should be fully)

2. Once they’re mixed together, add cocoa powder and sure and fold thoroughly until color is changed

3. Take the tea biscuits/cookies and coat at least 20 of them with thin layer of nutella

(I usually don't like to pre-coat them just because depending on the size of the pan that I use I can't always predict the exact amount of cookies I’ll need; so usually I coat as I go. 

4. Take your whipping cream and ishta mixture and layer the bottom of a glass pan - I use a 9x13 glass pan.

6. After putting a thin layer of cream on bottom, start to spread the nutella on the cookies and then place the cookies on top of the cream

7. When you’ve placed a layer cookies, add another layer of cream on top, spread some nutella on another set of cookies and lay them on top of the cream making sure to press down so that it can all come together

8. Keep doing this - layer and repeat - until you see that the dish has filled up leaving 1/4 of space open at the top. You don’t need to do so many layers, generally I do 4 or 5. Make sure to save enough of the mixture to top the dish off.

9. Top of the dish with the rest of the cream

After you top the dish off, put the pan in the refrigerator overnight or at least 2-3 hours. The longer you leave it the better because the point is that you don’t want the cookies to be crispy. Right before you’re ready to serve, sprinkle the heath bar bites on top.

Bon Appetite!

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